Technologically Advanced Split Unit AC’s
Cutting Edge Air Conditioning Solutions
Sleek, Elegant Design
  • Ductless Split
    Ductless Split Air Conditioners
    High Efficiency units from 9000 BTU to 48,000 BTU multi split units. We have custom engineered the right solution to fit your home, office, warehouse, condo, hotel or store. Our units can be tailored...
  • Solar Powered
    Solar Power = No Brainer
    Our Solar Powered line addresses and solves several problems of the modern world from excess power usage, to environmental impacts, to the rising costs of electricity worldwide....
  • Central AC
    An exceptional Central AC line
    KokyKool is proud to offer small to industrial sized central AC Units to meet the demands of the growing world. We have taken our technology in efficiency and applied it to central ac with...
Unrivaled Warranty

5 full years guaranteed on most all new units! I'm comfortable with that.

Warranty Policy

Why KozyKool

  • High Efficiency Units
    KozyKool has developed a line of the highest efficiency AC units on the market today from SEER 13 to SEER 19. Not only...
  • Elegant, SleekDesign
    At KozyKool we strive to not only make efficient products, but we also want them to be stylish. e realize that looks is...

Engineered Precision

KozyKool Products by West Tech Engineering Group, Inc

are manufactured and designed for both ultimately efficiency and style to meet the demand of the modern era

We have been raised through technology, so we don't pride ourselves with 25 years industry experience, but rather a modern day technology minded team improving upon past ideas.